Yes on 105 – Why *not* label GMOs?


It’s rare that I wade into political issues. Frankly, so many issues devolve into sniping that I can’t even be bothered. However, being that this is a blog about special diets and I have a condition (ulcerative colitis) that may be a result of environmental factors, the issue of Genetically Modified Organisms – GMOs – is one that hits close to home. I’m not saying that GMOs caused my colitis, but then again, I don’t know what did cause it.

First up, let me say that I’m not a scientist, but this fact does not disqualify me from having an informed opinion. Personally, I’m not given to hyperbole or shouting someone down to make my point. In fact, if one side is shouting about their issue or point of view, oftentimes it’s fairly easy to find a cogent rebuttal.

Proposition 105 isn’t about shouting, however. It’s simply about labeling foods that have been genetically modified. Voting Yes on 105 is not voting for a ban on GMOs. While there are people who would like a ban, that’s not why I’m writing.

The question I would like to pose to people and companies who oppose GMO labeling is this: Why aren’t you for labeling, if GMO products are completely safe? If GM foods are beneficial in every way, why aren’t the companies producing GMOs fighting for labeling their product?

It seems odd that companies would want to obscure that their products are genetically modified, but they do want to obscure that fact – to the tune of millions of dollars against GMO labeling. In fact, Monsanto ($4+ million), PepsiCo ($1+ million), Kraft Foods ($1 million), General Mills Inc ($800,000+), and Dow Agrosciences LLC ($300k) have together contributed almost $8,000,000 to fight GMO labeling in Colorado.

Why so secretive? It’s time for food and agriculture and chemical companies to put up or shut up. Are genetically modified foods safe? Are GM foods beneficial? Then label your GMO products proudly.

Please join Right To Know Colorado in voting YES on 105 and help spread the word that it’s just a label, and that we as consumers have a right to be as informed as possible when buying food for our families and ourselves.

TONIGHT October 6: View the taped debate broadcast on Channel 20 in the Denver metro area featuring Robyn O’Brien representing Yes on 105/Right To Know Colorado.

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  1. Roberta Morrison October 6, 2014 at 7:36 pm Reply

    Exactly! If GMOs are safe, why not prove it and be done with it? It would certainly cost less to simply provide all the crops and chemicals needed, to an independent research firm, so that they could do whatever long term studies they wanted, and prove that these crops and the poisons used on them aren’t in fact harmful. So why not?!

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