New Absorb Plus Flavors!

I was excited about the prospect of new Absorb Plus flavors when I was poking around the site in January or February and saw mention of not only a new unsweetened chocolate flavor, but also Mocha Grande, Banana Coconut Creme, and Caramel Toffee Twist. I was still following the liquid diet/gut rest portion of the Listen To Your Gut protocol and while I like the French Vanilla and Berry Fusion flavors, I was looking forward to branching out a bit. Trouble was, I was nearing the end of the liquid diet and was going to start introducing food soon.

I asked their online chat help when the new flavors would arrive and they redirected the conversation a bit. Understandable, because one never knows with production. So I spent the next few weeks going to the Listen To Your Gut website, clicking on the Absorb Plus section, and seeing if the new flavors were in the online store.

Finally, in early May, they appeared in the store and I placed my order. I was so excited! By that time, I had been introducing solid foods, slowly easing back into eating, but I was still drinking a few shakes per day, mixing in some supplements.

I was looking forward to the Banana Coconut Creme flavor the most because I’m a sucker for tropical flavors. I also ordered the Caramel Toffee Twist. Being on the SCD, I hadn’t had anything resembling caramel or toffee for years. I did pass on both the Mocha Grande and Unsweetened Chocolate, however, because I had tried the Simply Chocolate and Chocolate Royale flavors and found that I have a bit of a chocolate sensitivity. (We all know what that means. 😬)

The box arrived and I mixed myself a Banana Coconut shake first.


It was pretty tasty! Reminded me of the banana-flavored Laffy Taffy I used to get at the ballfield concession stands when I was a kid.

I tried the Caramel Toffee flavor next and liked it as well, but Banana Coconut was still my favorite of the two.

And then I started mixing flavors! Banana-Coconut-Vanilla is pretty good, kind of like banana pudding with Nilla wafers. 😄 Caramel Toffee with Banana Coconut is a little like bananas foster! Banana Berry is also pretty tasty, very fruit forward. 😉 I don’t think I ever actually tried Caramel-Toffee-Berry. Didn’t seem like it would mix well.

So that’s my review! They all sat well and I’ve since made one or two orders, even though I’m back on solid foods full-time now. I’ll be traveling soon for a long weekend and the shakes will come in handy, for sure.

Thanks to Jini & Imix for giving us some new variety in our liquid diets. Seriously. It helps to have more options, especially when you’re sensitive to certain ingredients.



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